Meredith J. Buck, Esquire

Meredith J. Buck, Esq. 
General Law Practice


Our general practice firm is primarily focused on Matrimonial/Family Law, Estate Planning, and Medical-Legal consulting:



          Separation Agreements

          Property division/distribution


          Child Support/Modification

          Spousal support

Child Custody

Estate Planning


             Living Wills

             Powers of Attorney



Criminal defense


            Traffic Violations

Medical-Legal Consulting

            Expert witness for nursing

            Expert reports

            Attend Independent Medical Exams

            Medical Records Review

Collaborative Divorce

           Avoid long, difficult and often expensive court battles.

           Focus on problem-solving and finding respectful resolution.

           Create personal, cost-effective solutions that right for your family.

           Protect the well-being and needs of your children.

           Maintain decision-making with you and your spouse or partner.

           Receive the support and information you need from your specially trained team of Collaborative      professionals.

           Preserve your dignity and your privacy.